Saturday, 10 March 2012

Political Contributions and Tax's

Concerned about Company's Political Contributions and the influence that it may give them?

Mad about the number of Company's that pay little or no taxes?

Is your Town/City/Province/State/Country running a deficit?

My Crazy Idea might help fix all three problems

What if we had a minimum federal tax of at least 20 times the total of all of a company's political contributions and the contributions of it senior management and board members?

Yep One Totally Crazy Idea I Know

The company contributes 20 Million total in political contributions, then the minimum tax payable becomes 400 Million

By "company" I mean any organization that contributes money to any political organization. I included any union, industry group, church that make any kind of money contribution at any level of public politics.

By Senior management I include the the "C" Block (CEO, CFO, CIO...) The Board Of Directors, President, VP's, Senior VP's.....

By contribution to any level, I mean from local dog catcher to the President or Prime Minster

Would love to see what would happen to the RIAA and MPAA with such as plan.
What would this do to unions?
What would this do to Churches?

Why this is a crazy idea?
1) What politician would proposes it?
2) What politician(s) would support it?
3) What Party would support it?
4) What company/union/church would support it?


  1. 1) - I'm thinking members of the Pirate Party may be interested, as well as some of the more thoughtful Independent and Greenish types.
    2) - Some of the above?
    3) - Those parties not representing the !%.
    4) - I doubt muchly if any religious types would support it - they seem to enjoy their tax free status far too much.

    1. Rantz, You are correct, there are a number of those running for office who could endorse these ideas. Whether they would be electable endorsing these ideas hard to say, because who would fund them?

      What I should have asked was
      1) Which Main Stream Politician would proposes it
      2) Which Main Stream Politician(s) would support it
      3) Which Main Stream Party would support it.

      By Main Stream Party I mean a party that would be winner in an election or the official opposition.

      By Main Stream Politician some one who could be elected Mayor or get in to cabinet at the higher levels of government.

  2. Most churches don't contribute any funds directly to political parties. At least not the big ones here in Canada. The other side of the equation is putting a cap on individual donations to prevent the multi-million dollar donations we're seeing in the USA from billionaires to super PACs.